Flipped Classroom

Our Civics, World, and US History curricula all include "flipped classroom" videos you can use for each PowerPoint lesson! These are fully-narrated videos that cover the entire presentation to ensure your students understand everything clearly. 


What is a Flipped Classroom? 


Flipping your classroom is a blended learning strategy meant to provide you with more time in class for higher-order activities.

Students watch a video (like the one below) of the  instructional content outside of the classroom. The activities that were traditionally considered homework are done in class, thus the "flipped classroom".

Flipped Classroom Video Sample

Here's our flipped classroom video lesson on Gilded Age Robber Barons! Our curriculum includes guided notes worksheets and interactive notebook-style graphic organizers that you can pair with each flipped classroom video!


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Flipped Classroom Strategies 


There are many different ways you can use all the videos that come with our curriculum. 

Flipped Style - Give students the guided notes sheets to fill out while they watch the video for homework. Then, use the reinforcing & extension activities in class. 

Absent Students - You don't have to show the videos to all students, but can save them to share with absent students so they don't miss out on the key content!

Differentiation - Use laptops & headphones to allow some students to watch while others get whole class instruction. 

Sub Plans - Don't waste a whole day and have the sub show the video lecture.

Review - Share the videos before a test to help students better prepare.

Or a mix of any of the above! Our curriculum resources are engaging and adaptable in any number of ways!

Some of our US History Flipped Videos

Jamestown Colony

New England Colonies

Washington & Adams

Jefferson's Presidency

The War of 1812

The Age of Jackson

Little Big Horn

The Alamo

The Gold Rush



Plus Many More!

New flipped classroom videos are being added every week until our entire curriculum packages for Civics, World, and US History have a video version of every presentation!

With these flipped classroom videos, guided notes, and our already engaging activities you will never have to stress about lesson planning again! Your students will be engaged and active in their learning while you have more time to provide each student the attention they need to succeed.

When you subscribe, you'll immediately gain access to full lesson plans for every day of the year. These lessons include videos, Google Docs, interactive notebooks, Digital Google Drive pages, primary source analysis activities, stations, worksheets, cooperative learning, and more! 



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