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Hi! My name is Luke Rosa and I want to thank you for visiting Students of History! I created this site to make it easier to share some of the social studies resources I’ve had success with in the classroom.

I started out teaching at a high school in Tampa, Florida and was literally handed a couple textbooks and wished good luck. I struggled. I realized that my students weren’t responding to the “traditional” teaching methods I experienced in high school. So, I tried new things. I experimented with lessons that were more interactive. I listened to my students and created resources that I knew would excite their interests.

About 15 years later, I created Students of History to share my World History, US History, and Civics resources with teachers around the world. 

These resources have been successfully used by hundreds of teachers in diverse classrooms across the world. They are student-centered, engaging and thorough. I look forward to connecting with you and helping to make your history classroom the best it can be!

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When you join Students of History, you can be confident in knowing that a portion of your subscription goes directly back to schools or other great charities that are helping others.

Below are a few of the charities that we currently partner with or support:

If you have any questions about how we support these organizations or how you can get involved please let us know! Don't hesitate to reach out either through email or any of the Students of History social media accounts! 

Thanks for checking us out! 


Students of History has over 50,000 glowing reviews from Teachers here on TpT plus more here from teachers on Facebook. Here's a small sampling of what teachers have to say about these resources: 

"Students of History is off-the-charts on creativity and engaging students in active learning. I am so excited to integrate these resources into my plans. All of his material is well-constructed & organized for the year. In addition to saving me a tremendous amount of time, these materials will be like an adrenaline shot to my students' day! Could not be happier!

Catherine E.,

"I have both the US and the World curriculum bundles so I have all the other interactive notebook pages and I think this bunch is THE BEST one that you have created so far!! Love, love, LOVE your products and more importantly so do my students! Keep it up!"

"THIS IS TRULY INSPIRED!!! This changed the way my students thought of and interacted with their community, and it changed the way I thought of myself as their teacher. One of my students even ended up on the news for raising over $500 for the local homeless shelter because of this assignment! What a great way to teach citizenship! Not to mention, this package is so complete and detailed, it guides the students through the process of community service. Commendable!

I've taught for 15 years and this notebook is AMAZING!! Thank you so much for the student sample photos. They really helped me see "the end result".

LOVED this bundle! This was my first year teaching American History for my 8th graders (I actually teach science and social studies), and this was a life saver when trying to come up with meaningful lessons/activities that were not boring. The interactive notebooks created great visuals for my students. I will definitely be looking at purchasing the civil war bundle. Thanks!

When you know something is right, you always go back to it. That's the case with these US History bundles from Students of History. Having purchased a couple of these bundles, I found a great deal of the material HIGHLY useful in putting together my syllabus. If you are wondering if you could use this material, don't wonder any more! You will NOT find a better bundle than this one. Thank you very much for all the hard work!

"This was a truly exceptional activity. My students really get into this lesson, and we had a lively debate and discussion about the trials and the accused. Thank you for making this valuable and practical resource available! I will use this in the future I am sure."

Historically Irreverent ,

Awesome! Your shop is always the first place I come to for social studies resources. My students are excited to start our unit on the 20's and 30's and WWII and these resources are going to make them even more excited. Thanks!

Fabulous! Engaging and fun, but also very informative. I like the fact that my 8th graders will get to cut and paste with this activity...they don't often get to do that sort of thing, but I still think it's fun to do. Thanks for a creative, imaginative lesson!!

"These Google Drive IN's have changed my teaching. Sure, I've bought this seller's complete hard copy version IN set for World History and almost all of his USH IN's ... but this timesaver is worth the investment. If you're trying Google Classroom this next year, don't question it... just get them. :-)"

Wonderful resource full of so many engaging, higher order thinking activities. Well organized handouts / activity sheets. Nice work!

Very organized! I was very very very hesitant about spending so much money on a single source. So glad I did! Text selections are good quality. Most are appropriate for older grades if you want students to work on their own and be challenged. For my 8th graders we will be walking through most of the text selections together. PowerPoints are very well done. Their is usually an AP type of presentation along with a "regular" ed PowerPoint. The regular version is not watered down just simplified with not as much detail. The ONLY thing I would add is a note taking guide for the PowerPoints. This is something I can do myself, however I just assumed they would be present in the bundle. Overall a fantastic product! If I ever change subjects I won't hesitate to come buy a new bundle!

My first time teaching World History is going to be sooo much less stressful. The students will love the lessons. The resources are amazing. Thanks.

So many of these are going to be just perfect for me. I know exactly what lesson they need to follow. Really appreciate the time and energy you put into making these. I've tried to make quite a few on my own and its time consuming. Your work is appreciated and worth the money! Thanks a lot. Great product.

This was an outstanding purchase! I needed a fun break and this activity really fit the bill. Super easy to set up and explain, it gets students actively involved and benefits multiple different learning styles. The most important thing is that the kids LOVE it!!

"This was an outstanding purchase! I needed a fun break and this activity really fit the bill. Super easy to set up and explain, it gets students actively involved and benefits multiple different learning styles. The most important thing is that the kids LOVE it!!"

"I absolutely loved this and so did the kids. I now have three students completely obsessed with Alexander Hamilton and especially the musical!"

This is arguably the best station activity I've done yet. Students enjoyed doing different activities at each station and not knowing what they were going to have to do next. Very engaging.

I am so happy that I purchased this! I'm a special ed teacher and have co-taught US and World History for many years, but last February I was assigned to teach a small group of middle school students in a separate class and feel like I just, "got through". Using this resource, I have put together a solid plan for the first quarter that will give my kids lots of hands on experiences and, I can use some of the resources to support my juniors who need to pass the US History Regents exam to graduate. Thanks so much Luke....great work that I am happy to support! I'll be back for the World History bundle in a couple of years!

This is simply AMAZING! While I am not a new teacher, I am teaching 8th grade U.S. History for the first time as well as AVID and ELA. This has saved me 4382 HOURS of work and my students will thank you for it!! This product is one of the best I've purchased here on TPT!! As a long-time TPT seller myself, I know how important meaningful feedback is and I want your potential buyers to know that this is worth for more than the price tag!!! THANK YOU!


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