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Hi! My name is Luke Rosa and I want to thank you for visiting Students of History! I created this site to make it easier to share some of the Government resources I’ve had success with in the classroom.

I started out teaching at a high school in Tampa, Florida and was literally handed a couple textbooks and wished good luck. I struggled. I realized that my students weren’t responding to the “traditional” teaching methods I experienced in high school. So, I tried new things. I experimented with lessons that were more interactive. I listened to my students and created resources that I knew would excite their interests.

About 15 years later, I created Students of History to share my World History, US History, and Civics resources with teachers around the world. 

All have been used successfully in diverse classrooms and are student-centered, engaging and thorough. I look forward to connecting with and helping to make your history classroom the best it can be!

Students of History Supports

When you join Students of History, you can be confident in knowing that a portion of your subscription goes directly back to schools or other great charities that are helping others.

Below are a few of the charities that we currently partner with or support:

If you have any questions about how we support these organizations or how you can get involved please let us know! Don't hesitate to reach out either through email or any of the Students of History social media accounts! 

Thanks for checking us out! 


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