Online Textbooks for World & US History

In addition to our complete curricula and lesson plans for social studies, we're proud to now offer free online readings for World and US History. These simple articles are designed to help your students better understand your curriculum at home or in school. 

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world history online textbook

World History Online Textbook

Over 150 pages on all of World History from Prehistory through the end of the Cold War. 

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US History Online Textbook

Over 100 pages on all of American History from a a study of Indigenous people to today.

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Our free online textbooks for US History and World History are perfect for students to use throughout your curriculum. You can assign direct links to any reading for an individual assignment or have students move through the entire set. 

The articles are recommended for students in 8th grade through 11th grade. However, the textbook articles can also be assigned to younger middle school or upper elementary kids as well. 

If you prefer printable PDF article for students to read, all of the textbook pages can be printed and shared in the classroom. If you are printing the textbook pages, I recommend using the Print Friendly extension to save paper and make them easy for students to read. Printed examples can be seen here. 

printable history textbook pdf