World Geography Online Textbook

The readings here are intended be used as a free online textbook your middle school World Geography curriculum. If you need this World Geography textbook as a PDF, you can save each page or paste the text into a Google Doc and convert to PDF. 

Each of these articles in the textbook aligns with my curriculum and interactive notebook activities and is perfect for your 6th, 7th, or 8th grade classroom or even high school, if needed.

Introduction to Geography

North America

Central America & the Caribbean

South America


North Africa & the Middle East

Sub-Saharan Africa

Introduction to Asia and East Asia

  • The Countries and Political Geography of East Asia
  • Landforms and Physical Features of East Asia
  • Asia's Climate and Biomes
  • China's Geography and History
  • China's Culture and Economy
  • Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau
  • Mongolia's Geography
  • The Himalayas and Tibet
  • The "Stans" of Central Asia
  • The Islands and Culture of Japan
  • The Korean Peninsula
  • Confucianism, Daoism, and Buddhism
  • Cultural Traditions and Modern Life

South Asia and Southeast Asia

  • Southeast Asian Countries and Culture
  • The Geography and Countries of Indochina
  • Indonesia¬†and the¬†Malay Archipelago
  • Colonialism in South & Southeast Asia
  • India's Geography
  • Culture and Religion in India
  • The Partition of India
  • Pakistan and Bangladesh
  • Nepal¬†and Bhutan
  • Sri Lanka and the Maldives

Australia & the Pacific Islands

  • Australian States and Territories
  • New Zealand's Geography and Culture
  • The Philippines and Oceania
  • The Pacific Islands Geography and Diversity
  • Indigenous Peoples of Australia and Oceania

Antarctica & the Arctic Circle



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