American History Online Textbook

The readings included here are not intended to be a complete overview of American History. Each article in the textbook covers a topic in my US History Curriculum. These can certainly be used as a free online textbook for your US History classroom. Additional sources are recommended to fill in the gaps and provide context for each era. 

If you need this US History textbook as a PDF, you can save each page or paste the text into a Google Doc and convert to PDF. 

Each of these articles in the textbook aligns with my curriculum and interactive notebook activities and is perfect for your 8th grade through 11th grade students.

Civilizations in the Americas

Exploration and Encounter

The 13 Colonies & American Revolution

The Constitution and Early America

Sectionalism and Manifest Destiny

The Civil War

The Reconstruction Era

The Gilded Age

World War 1

The Roaring 20's

The Great Depression

World War 2 and the Holocaust

The Cold War

The Civil Rights Movement

Modern America


Typos, Mistakes, and Factual Errors

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