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Our American History Curriculum

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Unit 1: Exploration & American Indians

In Unit 1, students define the state, analyze how government began, and review different forms of government, including the characteristics of democracy.

Unit 2: The 13 Colonies

Unit 2 looks at the foundations of America's government. This begins with looking at Ancient Athens and Rome and continues through important English documents and the Enlightenment.

Unit 3: The American Revolution

Next, students spend 3 weeks analyzing the Constitution. From the Articles of Confederation to Ratification, each aspect of America's founding document is covered!

Unit 4: The Constitution

Students review the plans, compromises, and drafting of the US Constitution.

Unit 5: Early America

This unit looks at the important events and people of the early Republic period. 

Unit 6: The Age of Jackson

An overview of Andrew Jackson's effect on America and the events of the 1830's.

Unit 7: Manifest Destiny

An engaging unit on American expansion in the 1800's and Manifest Destiny. 

Unit 8: Sectionalism & Reform

Students analyze reform movements of the 1800's and the beginnings of the sectional crisis. 

Unit 9: The Civil War

A thorough overview of the battles, events, and people that made up the US Civil War. 

Unit 10: Reconstruction

A brief unit on the period of rebuilding after the Civil War. 

Unit 11: The Gilded Age

This unit looks at industrialization, Robber Barons, and labor issues in the late 1800's. 

Unit 12: Progressives & Imperialism

A look at progressive reforms and America's overseas expansion. 

Unit 13: World War 1

An overview of the Great War from America's perspective. 

Unit 14: The Roaring 20's

A brief unit on 1920's culture and the Harlem Renaissance. 

Unit 15: The Great Depression

A thorough overview of the causes and effects of the Depression and New Deal reforms. 

Unit 16: World War 2

A thorough overview of the battles, events, and America's role in WW2.

Unit 17: The Cold War

A long look at the conflicts and events of the Cold War at home and abroad. 

Unit 18: Civil Rights Era

A unit on the people and events that made up America's Civil Rights Movement. 

Unit 19: Modern America

A brief unit on terrorism, technology, and life in Modern America. 

Unit 20: Review

Engaging review materials to prep for state tests and a final exam. 


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