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Our World History Curriculum

Our World History Curriculum includes 24 complete units from Prehistory through to the Modern World. Each unit is packed with engaging and interactive resources and concludes with review materials and an assessment. Lesson plans and answer keys are provided so you can spend more time on yourself and your students and less time planning and grading. 

Click on any unit below to be taken to its page on TpT. There you can read reviews from other teachers and see previews of the resources. Joining Students of History here grants you immediate access to EVERY UNIT immediately along with Distance Learning plans for each, review materials, and so much more! 

Unit 1: Prehistory & Early Civilizations

A unit on the first humans, Paleolithic, & Neolithic Eras, and the characteristics that make up a civilization.

Unit 2: Western River Valley Civilizations

Unit 2 covers the early civilizations of Mesopotamia and the Fertile Crescent and Ancient Egypt along the Nile River.

Unit 3: Eastern River Valley Civilizations

A unit on the civilizations that developed along the Yellow River in Ancient China and the Indus River valley in India.

Unit 4: Ancient Greece

A thorough overview of the geography, people, and cultures of Ancient Greece.

Unit 5: Ancient Rome

A thorough overview of the development of Rome from the Republic to the Roman Empire and its fall.

Unit 6: The Byzantine Empire

A brief unit on Constantinople after the split of the Roman Empire, Justinian, Theodora, and Byzantine culture.

Unit 7: Islamic Civilizations

An overview of the founding of Islam and its growth through the Middle East and North Africa.

Unit 8: Classical India & Asia

A unit on the Shang, Zhou, and Qin Dynasties in China, India's Maurya and Gupta Empires, and the Silk Road.

Unit 9: The Middle Ages

A look at feudalism, the Black Death, Crusades, and the Middle Ages in Europe.

Unit 10: Africa & the Americas

Resources on the Aztecs, Inca, and Maya in the Americans plus the African Empires of Ghana, Songhai, and Mali.

Unit 11: The Renaissance

A unit on the art, ideas, people, and culture of the Italian and Northern Renaissance of the 1500's.

Unit 12: The Reformation

A look at Martin Luther, John Calvin, and the effect other Protestant reformers had on Europe.

Unit 13: Exploration

A unit on the Age of Discovery, explorers, conquistadors, and the Columbian Exchange.

Unit 14: Absolutism

A unit on Absolutism in Europe and the rise of a Constitutional Monarchy in Great Britain.

Unit 15: The Enlightenment

A brief unit on Enlightenment thinkers and the Age of Reason in Europe and America.

Unit 16: The French Revolution

An overview of the causes, events, and effects of the French Revolution plus the rise and downfall of Napoleon.

Unit 17: Nationalism in Europe & the Americas

This unit covers the Congress of Vienna and resulting nationalist revolutions in Europe, Latin America, and the Caribbean.

Unit 18: The Industrial Revolution

A study of industrialization, major inventions, urbanization, and their effects on the world.

Unit 19: Imperialism

This unit looks at European imperialism and responses from around the world, with a special focus on Africa, Asia, and India.

Unit 20: World War 1

A unit on the battles and events of the Great War, plus the Russian Revolution, and the inter-war period in Asia.

Unit 21: World War 2

A thorough overview of the war from the rise of dictatorships through the end of the war and formation of the UN.

Unit 22: The Cold War

An overview of the Cold War Era from 1945 through the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Unit 23: The Modern World

A brief unit on globalization, conflicts, and terrorism in the modern world.

Unit 24: World Religions

An in-depth overview of the major world religions and philosophies.


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