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Three complete curricula, each with hundreds of the most engaging resources at your fingertips. Every day, every lesson fully planned out and ready to go. for in-class or Distance Learning.

World History

Every resource you need, from Prehistory through to the modern world, all at your fingertips. Register, download, and go!

US History

Lesson plans & resources for exploration & American Indians to Modern America at your fingertips. Register, download, and go!

Civics & Government

Every lesson for every day is fully planned out for you with hundreds of activities for your American Government classes!

Big Updates for the 2020-2021 School Year

Distance Learning Plans

Every unit for Civics, World, and US History now includes a specific plan for virtual learning. These feature video lessons, Google Docs, and new Google Forms for assessments. 

Free Online Textbooks

You can now access hundreds of online readings for your students with new online textbooks for World & US History.  They're curriculum aligned and easy to assign.

New Mobile App

Lesson planning on the go will never be easier with the new mobile app for your Students of History curriculum! Just download from Apple or Google Play and sign in! 

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Every Lesson for Every Day

Joining gives you activities for every lesson and every unit throughout the school year. Each unit is filled with:

  • PowerPoints with guided notes
  • Project Based Learning
  • Google digital learning pages
  • Flipped Classroom videos
  • Hundreds of curated video links 
  • Interactive notebook pages
  • Fun online review games
  • Editable quizzes & tests
  • Lesson plans with how to use each resource! 

Each unit is fully planned out so you know exactly how to teach each day. Our lesson plans for middle school and high school are guaranteed to engage your classes! 

"Students of History is off-the-charts on creativity and engaging students in active learning. I am so excited to integrate these resources into my plans. All of his material is well-constructed & organized for the year. In addition to saving me a tremendous amount of time, these materials will be like an adrenaline shot to my students' day! Could not be happier!"

Catherine E.
World History Teacher

"I own the entire curriculums for Modern World and US History. Love, love, love it. It saves me so much time. With 3 kids and coaching, this makes my life so much easier. No longer have to worry about lesson planning."

James Brandon
Social Studies Teacher

"When you know something is right, you always go back to it. That's the case with these US History bundles from Students of History. Having purchased a couple of these bundles, I found a great deal of the material HIGHLY useful in putting together my syllabus. If you are wondering if you could use this material, don't wonder any more! You will NOT find a better bundle than this one. Thank you very much for all the hard work!"

Darrell K.
US History Teacher

"This is an excellent resource that I can't wait to use in my classroom! This source is so detailed and definitely worth the buy! Everything is easily organized and comes with a lot of bonus material. You are most certainly getting your money's worth and much more with this purchase!"

"The History Lllama"
World History Teacher

"I am so happy that I purchased this! I'm a special ed teacher and have co-taught US and World History for many years, but last February I was assigned to teach a small group of middle school students in a separate class and feel like I just, "got through". Using this resource, I have put together a solid plan for the first quarter that will give my kids lots of hands on experiences and, I can use some of the resources to support my juniors who need to pass the US History Regents exam to graduate. Thanks so much Luke....great work that I am happy to support! I'll be back for the World History bundle in a couple of years!"

Anita Lucia
US History Teacher

"This is simply AMAZING! While I am not a new teacher, I am teaching 8th grade U.S. History for the first time as well as AVID and ELA. This has saved me 4382 HOURS of work and my students will thank you for it!! This product is one of the best I've purchased here on TPT!! As a long-time TPT seller myself, I know how important meaningful feedback is and I want your potential buyers to know that this is worth for more than the price tag!!! THANK YOU!"

Ms G's Room 30
US History Teacher

"I have both the US and the World curriculum bundles so I have all the other interactive notebook pages and I think this bunch is THE BEST one that you have created so far!! Love, love, LOVE your products and more importantly so do my students! Keep it up!"

Amy K.
World History Teacher

"Amazing resources that are interactive and age appropriate. These resources are easy to adapt or modify. Emphasis on student creativity and critical thinking."

Kai Z.
World History Teacher

"This is a staple and a terrific supplement to my curriculum- I can't thank you enough- actually, my kids/ students, can't thank you enough- my class would be pretty boring without this! "

Michelle B.
US History Teacher

"Solid resources, easily organized by unit, rigorous, differentiated, and has allowed me to reach all of my students with new ideas for PBL, technology and interactive notebooks, and scaffolded instruction to insure mastery for all of my students. I have seen substantial growth and I owe it to these creative and effective materials."

Tim O'Shea Jr.
Social Studies Teacher

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