Announcing the 2024 Students of History Scholarship Winner


We're excited to announce that Toyosi Dada, a graduating senior at Towson High School, has been awarded the 2024 Students of History Scholarship. This prestigious scholarship, which has been awarded each year since 2017, recognizes a college-bound senior who has excelled in history education. Toyosi will receive a $1,000 scholarship to support her studies at the Georgia Institute of Technology, where she plans to further her education.

This year marked the first time that applicants were required to submit video essays on their favorite history lessons, as opposed to traditional essays. Toyosi’s winning submission detailed a World War I project that allowed her to connect with the soldiers' experiences through a hands-on approach. She also shared insights from her Law and Public Policy class, where she engaged in mock trials and debates, and from her Psychology class, where she created a memorable baby book project.

Toyosi’s exemplary academic performance and leadership qualities were highlighted in the glowing recommendations from her teachers. Mr. Thomas Bannon, her International Law teacher, remarked, “Toyosi’s aptitude and application in my course are among the highest I have experienced in my career. Her interest in law significantly contributed to her high engagement and ability to rally her peers towards the goal. It was truly a pleasure to have her as a student.”

Ms. Randi Lambert, who taught Toyosi in Constitutional Law, praised her insatiable thirst for knowledge and her willingness to go above and beyond the curriculum. “Toyosi’s leadership, compassion, and dedication are evident both inside and outside the classroom. As Vice President and Advertising Coordinator of the Student Government Association and President of the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion club, Toyosi has consistently demonstrated her exceptional communication skills and empathy.”

Ms. Kimi Falatko, who taught Toyosi in Public Policy, shared her first impression of Toyosi during a field trip to Baltimore County’s Office of Economic Development. “Toyosi immediately struck me as poised, knowledgeable, and dedicated. In our Public Policy class, she has focused on addressing period product distribution inequities with deliberate care and thoughtfulness. Her classmates look to her processes for inspiration, and she responds with humility and appreciation.”

Students of History is proud to honor Toyosi Dada for her outstanding achievements and contributions to her school and community. Her dedication to learning and leadership serves as an inspiration to her peers and educators alike.


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