Analyzing Eisenhower's People to People Program for Peace

This great new lesson for a Cold War unit in US History covers President Eisenhower's People to People Program. I created it because I found I spent most of my unit on war, paranoia, & civil strife and wanted to a lesson on what America did to promote peace and positivity.  That lead to an Essential Question for this lesson of: “What did the US do to promote peace during the Cold War and what more can be done today?”

The download includes multiple primary source documents from different program committees on music, sports, books, business, education, and more. Students then work on a brief Project Based Learning (PBL) activity to develop their own plans to promote peace and cultural connections in the world today! 

In addition to a full lesson plan detailing how to conduct the whole lesson, you also get ALL of these great pieces as well:

⭐ Speech excerpt from President Eisenhower & analysis worksheet
⭐ Project introduction page
⭐ 9 primary sources documents
⭐ Primary source analysis worksheet 
⭐ Project Based Learning worksheet page
⭐ Rubric for the project
⭐ Google Doc versions of all the pages! 
⭐ Lesson extensions, video, & plans for differentiation

 This is a great lesson to add to your Cold War Unit to focus on the positive things the United States was doing to promote peace! 

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