Ancient Rome Timeline Activity

A great way to review Ancient Rome in World History is with an interactive timeline that covers early Rome through the Republic, Roman Empire, and finally the Fall of Rome. 

I use this set of timeline activities in my World History classes. The variety is great for differentiation and making the lesson engaging for all the kids in my classroom. 

First, students are provided with the reading activity on Ancient Rome. This is condensed so that it focuses on the most essential information students need to know. The download includes a 2-page PDF version for printing and a 3-page Google Doc version (this one can also be printed but it includes some more pictures). 

Students also receive a printable timeline that goes across 2 pages in their notebooks. The timeline features boxes with headings on the major events they need to know along with guiding questions. Students sometimes draw an event or analyze the text for their response.

 Students can work independently, in pairs, or in cooperative learning groups to complete the reading and timelines. Another option is to cut up the reading and place different parts around the room as stations. Students then move through the stations with their timelines and complete each part of the timeline and a different station. This is good if your students work better up and moving around. 

Another option is to use any of the included Google Drive timeline activities: 

There are 3 editable Google Slides pages included with the download. Two pages are "drag-and-drop" timelines of key events in Rome's history- one on Early Rome and the second on the Roman Empire period. 

The last timeline has students researching and ranking their top 5 reasons why Rome fell. Each page includes several links to online sources to learn more or can be paired with the reading activity. 

You can download this awesome resource here and use it in your classrooms today. I promise it'll be an awesome, engaging activity for your World History classes!

If you want more great resources for teaching Ancient Rome, I have an entire unit bundle of great activities available here. This unit includes some really awesome, engaging activities, like: 

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