Fake News Lesson Plan for High School

One of the most important lessons we can teach high school students now is how to critically view media and news in order to understand what is true, what is biased, and what is outright "fake news".

My new lesson plan on Media and Fake News is a perfect one to use for this in any of your social studies classes. Included in the lesson plan download is a complete teacher instructions page for the lesson, an engaging warm up activity, presentation, group activity, videos homework, and more! 

For a warm up, students are given 4 blatant fake news articles. In groups they analyze these and look for clues as to why they might be real or fake and how they can tell. 

Following a discussion on why articles like this exist and how to recognize them, you transition to a PowerPoint on the role of the media. This visually engaging presentation covers the function of the media in society, bias, and how to recognize fake news. Both a printable guided notes outline AND foldable graphic organizer are included to help students follow along with the PowerPoint. 

Next, is a cooperative learning activity in which students use the information they just learned in the PowerPoint to analyze current event news articles for balance, loaded words, sensationalism, context, and bias. I have done this with articles on NFL anthem protests, the travel ban, and Confederate monuments. All of which have lots of articles available for each side of the issue. 

Finally, there are several video links to use as a closing activity or a homework option worksheet in which students watch Fox News and MSNBC and make note of the bias they hear on both sides. 

The download even includes Google docs of each activity and ideas for extension activities. It's perfect to use in your high school or middle school classes. 

You can download this awesome lesson here and start using it today! 

If you're teaching Civics or American Government, this lesson plan can also be downloaded in my Political Parties & Elections Unit Bundle.

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