World History Worksheets

If you're a World History teacher looking for engaging assignments and worksheets for your high school or middle school classroom, I have tons to share, including this 30+ page packet of free assignments. 

While they're sometimes maligned, worksheets can be great for helping students analyze primary sources, understand an event through a secondary source, or assess their skill in an area of social studies.  

Our World History worksheets come in PDF format for easy printing and with Google Docs versions as well for easy implementation into Google Classroom. 

They're also easy to differentiate across grades, ability levels, and for special education students with accommodations. The lesson plans our subscription provides help you to differentiate and select the best worksheets and activities for your students. 

This could mean kids working together in pairs, cooperative learning groups, or mixed-ability pairings to help give you more time to provide support to all your students. 

A key to making worksheets work well is to keep them varied and ensure they're assessing social studies skills like cause-and-effect, interpreting sources, understanding timelines, and working on map skills. We even have a set of worksheets devoted just to developing history skills

A subscription to our World History curriculum includes all these worksheets including complete keys with answers and options for which would best fit your classroom

For 7th grade students, our curriculum includes secondary source worksheets on the important topics your students need to know. These include 1-page worksheets and readings on Ancient Egypt's Kingdoms, Joan of Arc, and the Berlin Wall (with LOTS more in between).

There's also easy-to-understand primary sources, like this Serfs and Feudalism Poem, an analysis of World War 1 propaganda posters, or this analysis of President Truman's Diary Entry on the Atomic Bomb.

If you teach high school students, our World History worksheets for 10th grade offer a little more complexity and have students diving into primary sources like Justinian's Code, Anne Boleyn's final letter to Henry VIII, or the Declaration of the Rights of Man.

There's over 70 primary and secondary source resources to use throughout the year so that every unit you cover includes these activities to improve reading and analytical skills. 

There's also loads of engaging classroom activities to use every day with your students to support their learning. These include: 

In addition to World History, the curriculum plans I have for Civics,and US History include hundreds of activities you can immediately implement into your classes! Plus there's the digital Google pages, PowerPoints, and everything else you need to make teaching social studies a breeze! 

If you want to download some awesome FREE worksheets and assignments, click on the green download button at the or top right of the page or right here. There's also digital notebook page examples and a bunch of other awesome resources you can use in your classes! 

Thanks for checking them out! 


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