US History Worksheets: Printable and Digital Activities for Kids

If you're a US History teacher looking for PDF worksheets for your high school or middle school classroom, I have tons to share, including this 30+ page packet of free engaging assignments you can download and start using right away. 

Our worksheets are perfect for helping students with reading comprehension, preparing for the Regents review or state assessment, pairing with a video like the Crash Course US History series, or with your lesson plans throughout the school year. 

While they're sometimes belittled, worksheets are an excellent tool for helping students analyze primary sources or better understand a historical event through a secondary source.  

Each US History unit also include thorough 9-page worksheets packets for every unit in the curriculum. These worksheet packets condense everything you need for the unit into one packet, include answers for you in the teacher guide, and are editable with the Google Doc version! 


Our American History worksheets all can be downloaded as easy-to-use PDF files for easy printing and all include editable Google Docs versions which can be shared online with students through Google Classroom. 

This makes them easy to differentiate for special education students with accommodations. They can also be differentiated across grade levels, whether its for your 8th grade students in middle school or 11th grade history students in high school. The lesson plans included with our subscriptions make selecting the best worksheet or activity easy for your students. 

For some lessons, students are analyzing a source with a partner, while others work best with students working together in cooperative learning groups. This is a great way to to help give you more time to support other kids in your classroom. 

These worksheets work so well with students because they are all designed by a classroom teacher specifically for use with kids. That means they have clear instructions, excerpted text that focuses on the key concept, and clear questions that students don't struggle to understand. They don't require a textbook or specific resource in order to use them. Each one is a fantastic independent resource for your classroom. 

They also all assess studies skills like cause-and-effect, interpreting sources, understanding timelines, and working on map skills. We even have a set of worksheets devoted just to developing history skills



You can find over 50 primary source worksheets and resources here to use throughout the school year so that every unit in your US history curriculum includes these activities to improve reading comprehension and analytical skills. 

Some of my favorite worksheets to use in American History include: 

Each of those can be downloaded individually through the links above. They all include answer keys and Google Doc versions for online learning.

What's also helpful for teachers is that the Google Doc versions are fully editable. So, if you need to make slight changes for differentiation, it's super easy! Just make any edits you need before sharing with your students through Google Classroom, Blackboard, Canvas, etc.

This can be a great way to help prep your students for the US History Regents Exam or your state EOC test. These activities will include primary source analysis and critical thinking practice that is essential to getting kids ready for their assessments.  

You can access ALL of the worksheets and activities listed above (plus hundreds more resources) through a US History subscription.

Subscriptions give you access to all the resources and lessons plans you need for US History. If you're curious what these lessons look like, you can download some free lesson plans here

If you're looking for more great free worksheets for your classroom, you can also download a free 56-page reading comprehension packet for Jason Reynolds' US History book Stamped here.

In addition to the US History curriculum, there are also similar curricula available for World History and American Government / Civics. Each curriculum includes hundreds of activities you can immediately implement into your classes! Plus there's the digital Google pages, PowerPoints, and everything else you need to make teaching social studies a breeze! 



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